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By Belinda Kabai

If you look closely into the sky at night, you can see Aukam, encircled by the light of the moon, weaving her mats. This tradtional tale is beautifully told and illustrated by a young Saibai Island woman. Translated back into the Top Western Torres Strait Island language of Kalaw Kawaw Ya by Father Ezra Waigana.

210 x 210mm | 24pp | AU$15

Beautiful Colours

​​By Tina Raveneau & Julie Neilson-Kelly

This story is based on an actual family event and shows that children have a way of seeing things quite differently to adults. Children often offer insights into how the world should be seen by everyone.

210 x 210mm | 32pp | AU$15

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  • Aukum

  • Beautiful Colours

  • Cranky the Crocodile

  • Hey Brother

  • Jakobi and Nan

  • Original Girl

  • Our Camping Trip with Dad

  • Painting with Sally

Cranky the Crocodile

​​By Gavin Delacour
Crocodiles are a source of fear for humans but they also care for their families. So little Cranky the Crocodile found himself in trouble when his egg rolled out of the nest. He had to go in search of his mother and met many other northern creatures on his way.

150 x 150mm | 40pp | AU$15

Hey Brother

​​by Alwyn Owens & Rod Lucas
Alwyn Owens and Rod Lucas have combined their talents to bring together this quirky rhythmic story. With a lively local feel and the universal theme of fishing, the story celebrates mateship. Shortlisted for Speech Pathology Australia awards 2012.

210mm x 210mm | 32pp | AU$15

Jakobi and Nan

​​by Esther Fischer & Kerensa McCann
A touching story about the love shared between a grandparent and a grandchild. Jakobi loves Nan and Nan loves Jakobi. They love spending time together.

210mm x 210mm | 32pp | AU$15

Original Girl

​​by Michelle Witheyman-Crump & Vicky Duncan
This little girl loves playing with sticks. She is also learning a lot about herself. Lively pictures and Gamilaraay translation make this book unique. Gamilaraay translations are by Des Crump and Brother John Giacon.

210mm x 210mm | 32pp | AU$15

Our Camping Trip with Dad

​​Brandon Stutley (Little Black Book)
A simple story about two boys who go camping with their dad but who show that camping is not always as straight forward as it seems.

150mm x 150mm | 28pp | AU$9


Painting with Sally

​​by Mornington Island State School children & Jane Murdoch

Come with the children of Mornington Island to the Aged Persons Hostel to visit their famous great-grandmother Sally Gabori. A delightful demonstration of family care, community connection and Indigenous teaching styles. The pleasure of old and young alike are clear in these beautiful photographs taken by their teacher.

210mm x 210mm | 20pp | AU$15