Books for Preppies (Level 6-10)

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At the Creek with my Bro'

By Reagan Stutley

Two boys go off to the creek for a swim. But it is no ordinary swim when it starts raining. They must think quick or risk being swept away. 

150mm x 150mm | 20pp | AU$7



  • At the Creek with my Bro'

  • Catching Fish

  • Disaster Camping

Catching Fish (Minh Nga'an Wichan)

​​By Veneta Korkaktain

A story about going fishing at Aurukun, told in Wik Mungkan and in English.

150 x 150 mm | 20pp | AU$7

Disaster Camping

​​By Monty Pompey
How many things can go wrong when a family go camping?

150 x 150mm | 20pp | AU$7

Down to the Pond

​​By Violet Sirriss
Two boys go fishing and are surprised by what they catch.  Translated with Nyawaigi words.

150 x 150mm | 24pp | AU$7

Fishing Time in the Banana Boat

​​By Jesse Mooney
A delightful family story by a young Torres Strait Islander.

150 x 150mm | 24pp | AU$7

My Fishing Adventure

​​By David Inkerman
An action-packed tale about a boy and his family on a hunting trip.

150 x 150mm | 24pp | AU$7

Our Camping Trip with Dad

​​By Brandon Stutley
A simple story about two boys camping with their Dad, showing that camping is not always as straight-forward as it seems.

150 x 150mm | 24pp | AU$7

The Day My Yumby Went Missing

​​By Graeme OwensViolet Sirriss
Any youngster who has a dog will warm to this story about losing and finding a man's best friend.

150 x 150mm | 24pp | AU$7

Boat-ang mo'pul: Two in a Boat

​​By Steve Yunkaporta
When these two went for a run in a boat they got plenty for all.  Steve tells the story in Wik Mungkan, the language of Aurukun.

150 x 150mm | 24pp | AU$7