Alma Luke


Profile (Author)

Alma Luke is a Kunjen elder who lives in Kowanyama. Her traditional land is Errkigow (Shelfo) on the junction of the Alice and Mitchell Rivers near the Gulf of Carpentaria. Alma is a weaver, writer and storyteller who has worked many roles in her community and nearby regions. Amongst other jobs she was trained and worked as Kowanyama’s first librarian and later, a Liturgical assistant. Throughout her senior years, Alma has been writing stories from her youth, including traditional Kunjen Creation Stories, and documenting her knowledge of bush medicines and their uses, from her country. Unfortunately, the majority of her drafts (of which she has done a few) were destroyed or lost.


Uw Oykangand Oy berr - Traditional Bush Medicine from the Kunjen of Kowanyama