Black Ink Press is a unique Indigenous community-based publishing venture based in North Queensland, and specialising in illustrated books for young readers.


We work with and build on the strengths in the community to overcome poor Indigenous literacy, and the lack of relevant books; and to publish diverse stories, languages and images in quality books and other media.


Our role is to build the skills of storytellers and artists across generations. Through the Black Ink Press Indigenous Writers/Illustrators Mentorship Program we help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and illustrators create contemporary illustrated books.


Black Ink Press books fill a gap in resources which young Indigenous children and teenagers will want to read, including fiction and non-fiction, print and digital books.


Our books are received by schools and institutions which serve young Indigenous children and teenagers, as well we enjoy selling directly to Indigenous families and to the wider public.


Black Ink Press play a useful role in reconciliation, cultural awareness and combating racism. In this sense, we are a valuable part of Closing the Gap and the strategy to Embed Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Schools in Queensland.

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We were never far from your thoughts, and now we're back and ready for an eventful action-packed year!
March 11, 2014


If you are looking to contact us, the best way for now is through social media.
March 3, 2014