Year 1:  Level 11-15

Black Ink Press have a wonderful selection of books for children aged 6-7 years, or those in Year 1:

Biddy's Fishing Line

By Bridget Priman, Illustrations by Robbie Paul

The river is running and a girl’s long journey to school through the bush is full of possibilities. Biddy’s story of a resourceful childhood will fascinate children today who go fishing via the bait and tackle shop. This is the first of Biddy’s many adventures when she was young.

210 x 210mm | 32pp | AU$15

Molly the Grey Kangaroo

By John L Clark

There is a place in the bush not far from you where people go at weekends to have a barbecue. Award-winning writer and illustrator, John L Clark has a story to tell about what happened when it started to rain and the people left the bush. All the bush animals come into the story and there is surprises in store. This will make you laugh and think.

210 x 210mm | 32pp | AU$15

Books in this category:

  • Biddy's Fishing Line

  • Molly the Grey Kangaroo

  • My Mob Going to the Beach

  • Our Trip to the Gold Coast

  • Over the Back Fence

  • Sam's Fishing Adventure

  • The Little Moo Cow

  • When I Was in the Bush

My Mob Going to the Beach

By Sylvia Emmerton & Jaquanna Elliot

This book celebrates the freedom of childhood within the security of a big family. Sylvia Emmerton has turned her memories of growing up in North Queensland into a lyrical story which is lovingly captured with Jaquanna Elliot's illustrations of landscape and people. Black Ink Press brings you an Indigenous collaboration, a universal story for Australian children and adults.

210 x 210mm | 32pp | AU$15

Our Trip to the Gold Coast

By Gabrielle Kum Sing

LITTLE BLACK BOOK SERIES:  A Little Black Book story about friends doing what friends love to do.  This time, they go on a trip to Queensland's iconic Gold Coast.

150 x 150mm | 28pp | AU$9

Over the Back Fence

By Fay Gee-Hoy & Jaquanna Elliot

A memory of a child-hood experience has prompted this story. It focuses on how important it is for parents to teach their children to be aware of stranger danger, trust their inner guidance, be smart and protect themselves.

210 x 210mm | 24pp | AU$15

Sam's Fishing Adventure

By Monique Russell

Monique Russell listens to the stories her grandfather tells her of his time in the Torres Strait. She has now retold one of them in his voice and illustrated it with her own vibrant pictures for a new generation to enjoy.

210 x 210mm | 32pp | AU$15

The Little Moo Cow

By John Delacour and Gavin Delacour

Bunji’s adventure is set in the changing moods of the north Australian bush. This animal story, told and retold by ex-stockman John to his grandchildren, has now been illustrated by his Indigenous son. A picture story book for all youngsters to enjoy.

210 x 210mm | 40pp | AU$15

When I Was in the Bush

By Shannon Summers Phillips

LITTLE BLACK BOOK SERIES:  Can you imagine hunting for kangaroos and crocodiles? Shannon can, and this is his own story.

210 x 210mm | 24pp | AU$9

150 x 150mm | 24pp | AU$5