Year 8-9:  High School

Black Ink Press have a wonderful selection of books for children aged 13-15 years:

Behind Closed Doors

By Tamarra-Ann Partridge

A young Indigenous woman who has survived family abuse while growing up, now offers her healing poetry and drawings to others in the hope that they will also heal. Some of these words are painful but they are accessible to adolescent and adult readers.

150 x 150 mm | 56pp | AU$9

Gudjal Langauge Pocket Dictionary

By William C Santo

A colourful picture-word book featuring a guide to pronunciation.  Other titles in this series include Gudjal Book of Animals, Gudjal Book of Birds, and My Country.

150 x 150mm | 36pp | AU$9

Poems and Rhymes by Arron Richardson

By Arron Richardson

Palm Island man Arron Richardon worked in many places in the bush. He also spent a lot of time drinking in parks and on river banks. Since getting off the grog he has been writing about his life and times. His rhymes have a message for young people.

150 x 150 mm | 32pp | AU$5

Books in this category:

  • Behind Closed Doors

  • Fantome Island

  • Gudjal Language Pocket Dictionary

  • Poems and Rhymes

  • River Girl

  • The Day Palm Island Fought Back

  • The Long and Winding Road

  • Uw Oykangand Oy berr

  • Written True, Not Gammon

Fantome Island

By Kathy Gibson, Photograhs by Jac

GKathy Gibson and Jack Bell were residents of Palm Island and have brought together the memories of the neighbouring island, Fantome Island.  A mix of artist's impressions and historical black and white photographs honour the memory of Indigenous Australians who lived out their lives as lepers on Fantome Island.

210 x 155mm | 48pp | AU$20

River Girl

By Glenda Andrew (Nicholls), Sketches by Kate Oates

Glenda Andrew tells vividly of childhood fun, teenage fears and family hopes in a challenging world. She grew up as a grandaughter of famous Pastor Doug Nicholls on one side and traditional Nan Karpany on the other. This memoir of life on the Victoria – New South Wales border is enlivened by photos and sketches.

210 x 155mm | 108pp | AU$15

The Day Palm Island Fought Back

By Dulcie Polowea Isaro

Dulcie Isaro was a fifteen year-old girl when her home of Palm Island was disturbed by a strike. On that day her family’s life changed forever. Dulcie recounts her memories in words and pictures.

210 x 210mm | 82pp | AU$20

The Long and Winding Road

Compiled by Val Alberts

A small group of Indigenous women tell their stories of how they survived domestic violence. This book looks at the stress levels and survival mechanisms that have enabled each of them to cope. It acknowledges that violence is transgenerational and discusses the effect that it has on other family members.

210 x 150 mm | 56pp | AU$15

Uw Oykangand Oy berr - Traditional Bush Medicine from the Kunjen of Kowanyama

By Alma Luke

This beautiful book is for anyone who is interested in learning knowledge about bush medicines and how to use them for healing. As well as full-colour photographs, it contains anecdotal healing tales, and simple descriptions for processing these medicines. Alma’s story also gives cultural and historical insights into the Oykangand (Kunjen) people of Kowanyama in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

195 x 245 mm | 80pp | AU$20

Written True, Not Gammon!

By Sally Babidge with Patricia Dallachy & Valerie Alberts

Written True, Not Gammon! A History of Aboriginal Charters Towers fills a gap in the story that is told about a town. This is a book that people of all ages should read to understand Australia's history. Award winning anthropologise Sally Babidge has collaborated with local Elders Val Alberts and Patricia Dallachy to gather oral history and local family photographs. Combining these with archival research, they have produced an accessible account of Charters Towers' hidden Indigenous history. 90 pages. CBCA Notable Book 2008.

195 x 245 mm | 90pp | AU$20