Grandma's Farm Series
by Aunty Gloria Whalan

One of the Stolen Generation, Aunty Gloria Whalan was raised by her non-Indigenous grandmother.  She discovered that she was 'Koorie' of Wiradjuri descent from New South Wales (NSW) at the age of 49.

Aunty Gloria started drawing with charcoal from the fire at an early age and knew she was different from other children as her heart was in the bush, the land and the animals.


The collection of books written and illustrated by Aunty Gloria are vibrant and engaging for children of a young age, from prep to Year 1.  However, Girrawaa, Gurawang, Guulaagga and Mermando are versatile books that can be enjoyed across the generations.



Girrawaa the Goanna

​​Written and Illustrated by Gloria Whalan


Native creatures often cause trouble on Australian farms. This is how Grandma deals with the goanna in her chook pen.


210 x 210mm | 28pp | AU$15

Gurawang the Bandicoot

​​Written and Illustrated by Gloria Whalan

Gurawang lives in the bush on the edge of Grandma's farm in a hallow log. One day Grandma finds Gurawang creating mischief in her vegetable patch, so Grandma comes up with another solution that keeps everyone happy.


210x210mm | 28pp | AU$15

  • Girrawaa
    the Goanna
    (Prep 6-10)

  • Gurawang the Bandicoot
    (Prep 6-10)

  • Guulaangga the Green Tree Frog
    (Prep 6-10)

  • Mermando the Spider (Year 1)

We are proud that Aunty Gloria's earliest beginnings as a successful Indigenous writer and illustrator with Black Ink Press where we mentored her through the process of producing and publishing four books, which are highly awarded and recognised locally and nationally as great cultural learning resources in the Wiradjuri language.



Aunty Gloria's books are filled with beautiful illustrations with distinct Indigenous themes that capture the contrast between cityand country lifestyles. Her educational stories promote an appreciation for native creatures.

Guulaangga the Green Tree Frog

​​Written and Illustrated by Gloria Whalan
Guulaangga lives in the pipe on Grandma's Farm's house.  One day she has visitors who are interested in learning more about the activities of this friendly little creature, especially when a storm approaches.


210mm x 210mm | 28pp | AU$15

Mermando the Spider

Written and Illustrated by Gloria Whalan

Mermando is another creature on Grandma's Farm that brings endless delight and questions to the lips of her little visitors.


210mm x 210mm | 28pp | AU$15