Minoota Pootchemunka


Profile (Co-Author)

Cousin-sisters from the Pantoonda family, Minoota Pootchemunka (1900-1991) and Mary Walkbeng (1908-1992) told their story in their own langauge beside the Ti-Tree lagoon, as if re-living the story themselves. Minoota was born at Weetham, not far from Ti-Tree, a few years before the mission at Aurukun was established and she later recalled the old bush life lived around the story places of their people. She married Samuel Pootchemunka, a Ti-Tree man, and their older children were born there. The younger children were born at Aurukun. When the family decided to re-establish the Outstation in the mid-1970s, Minoota travelled back to the country any way she could, including on the back of her grandson’s motorbike.


Moon Story