Year 4-7:  Level 20-30

Black Ink Press have a wonderful selection of books for children aged 10-12 years:

A Barramundi Tale

By Rod Lucas

This Karumba man knows the Southern Gulf Barramundi very well and has used his artistry to tell their story in lively detail for children. Three beautiful books will encompass the life cycle and this is the first.

175x245mm | 44pp | AU$15

Bajirriga the Turtle

By Trevor Fourmile & Lillian Fourmile

In traditional storytelling style, Trevor Fourmile brings to life an age-old conflict of youth. Bajirriga won’t cooperate with his community and the consequences are dramatic.

155 x 210mm | 32pp | AU$15

Books in this category:

  • A Barramundi Tale

  • Bajirriga the Turtle

  • Camping at Mount Garnet

  • Charlie's Family

  • Crocodile Story

  • Crow Feathers

  • Mitakoodi Bush Tucker

  • Moon Story

  • Nanna's Storm

  • Northern Territory Animals

  • Rabbits and Snakes

  • Sometimes I Wonder

Camping at Mount Garnet

By Nancy Cowan (with Kath Hinchley), Illustrated by John Andy

An Elder recalls the happier times of her childhood when families went camping in the bush to relax and hunt together over happy weekends. Enlivened with another Elder’s delicate paintings.

150 x 210mm | 32pp | AU$15

Charlie's Family

By Esther Fischer, Illustrated by Dorothy Webster

A beautiful book dealing in a positive way with a difficult family matter. Charlie is sad because his Mum and Dad are always growling at each other. His aunty and grandma lend a helping hand and everything turns out better. Disaster is averted. A good discussion starter to aid child safety.

210 x 210mm | 36pp | AU$15

Crocodile Story

By Eva & Pat Pootchemunka, Illustrated by Garry Namponan

Told in traditional storytelling style, Eva and Pat recall a story from their past in which Eva and her baby were pulled from their canoe by a crocodile. The first-hand account of their time in the bush is captivating and full of danger and surprises, and shows the important role each family member must play to ensure their survival.

150 x 150mm | 32pp | AU$9

Crow Feathers - An Indigenous Collection of Poems and Images

Edited by Rebecca Edwards & Janelle Evans

Boori Monty Pryor: “Reading through this collection of poetry is like riding through history on the back of an echidna. As painful as it may seem, in the end you get the point. I see each poem as a quill, a telling tool that mixes tears and blood with the pain of hope...”

210 x 210mm | 82pp | AU$20

Mitakoodi Bush Tucker

By Margaret Ah Sam, Photos by Dale Rackham

Join Margaret Ah Sam on a journey through her sacred lands to discover how her people, the Mitakoodi clan from Cloncurry, Queensland, survived by living of the land. Includes Mitakoodi language names, and special insight into how the bush tucker was prepared and eaten.

210 x 210mm | 40pp | AU$20

Moon Story

By Minoota Pootchemunka, Alice Kowearpta & Jack Bell

A traditional story about two young girls who are taken up to the moon and how their story impacted on the sacred landscape of the storytellers peoples.

150 x 150mm | 40pp | AU$9

Nanna's Storm

By Vicki Griffin, Illustrated by Vicky Duncan

A fun story about a mischievous Nanna who relives with her grand-daughters the good times she had when their mother was young. No matter what their age, grown-ups can still have a wicked sense of humour.

150 x 210mm | 36pp | AU$17


Northern Territory Animals

By Arnhemland Students at Shalom Christian College, Townsville QLD

Nine boys from Galiwin'ku in NT, at boarding school in Townsville, have used their own delightful drawings and Yolngu-Matha language to share information about nineteen of the animals they know so well, including birds, reptiles and fish. Ideal resource for Indigenous language studies as well as environmental and natural sciences.

210 x 210mm | 44pp | AU$20  (Schools AU$15)


Rabbits & Snakes

By Richard Garth, Illustrated by Vicky Duncan

Richard Garth’s boyhood in Tasmania wasn’t very happy, but it was interesting. this is one of his scary memories made scarier with Vicky Duncan’s expressive line drawings.

150 x 150mm | 36pp | AU$5


Sometimes I Wonder

Written & Illustrated by Kaitlin Kum Sing

A heartwarming story that will be helpful to children trying to cope with bereavement.

150 x 150mm | 28pp | AU$5